The Write-In is a combo of writing/socializing that happens most Friday afternoons and evenings, Eastern Time.

Here’s what happens. The teacher gives an interesting writing prompt. Everyone writes for a while. Volunteers may read their work aloud. You take a break and socialize. Then you go through the process one more time.

No pressure, no critiquing, no angst...

Just untamed creativity.

No matter what type of writing you favor, this is sure to shake up some fresh ideas.

会议开始most Friday afternoons at 2 pm Eastern Time and Friday evenings at 6.30 pm, Eastern Time. They last for 75-minutes. Bring your creativity and whatever you want to munch or sip.

We open registration for the Friday Write-Ins on the previous Thursday afternoon at 1 pm, Eastern Time. The best way to be assured a spot is to get on our, so you’re notified as soon as these events are posted.

All Write-In events take place on Zoom.


We take enrollments for the free Zoom Friday Write-In on Thursdays starting at 1pm Eastern Time. Check back then!