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  • 她写新闻published Corie Adjmi's novelThe Marriage Box.

  • The Best American Poetry Blogpublished Stephanie Paterik's poem "How Was Your First Day of School?"

  • The Chanticleer International/Somerset Awards in Literary and Contemporary Fictionchose Fran Hawthorn's novel,I Meant to Tell You, as a finalist.

  • Bottlecap Featurespublished Chantal House's chapbookReaching for the Sun.

  • Candlewick Presspublished Monique Duncan-James' children's bookMommy Time.

  • Neologism Poetry Journalpublished Sheldon Siporin's poem"Oscines". They write under the pen name Jan Cronos.

  • Potato Soup Journalpublished David Vied's short story "Baby Jesus," (under his author's name David Lanvert), and included it in itsBest of 2022anthology.

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  • Flash Fictionmagazine published Jan Chronos's short story "Musings."

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