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Grammar 1: The Basics

Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse

Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse

Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse is an Intensive, meaning it happens in a short time span (1 day in NYC, or 2 days on Zoom). The course includes a mixture of lectures and exercises. It’s open to writers of any level. Farther down, you can view a syllabus for this course.

If you feel you’re solid with the basics of grammar, you may go straight to Grammar 2. If you’re in doubt about this, start withGrammar 1; it will be valuable even if some of it is review.

For companies interested in our Grammar program, see ourGrammar brochureor visit ourCorporate Classespage.

We teach grammar in a way that is intuitive and fun, rather than relying on terminology and rigid rules.

Do you panic when you punctuate? Does grammar make you say, “grrr!”

Grammar 1 teaches the basics of grammar, just enough so you won’t make errors that show you in a bad light. You’ll be amazed at howquickquickly your competence and confidence will grow.

Do you aspire to be a grammar aficionado? The one everyone turns to for grammatical advice?

Grammar 2 teaches the picky (but important) details of grammar, and will show you how to manipulate your sentences and punctuation not just correctly, but artfully.

Both courses come with an invaluable reference guide, created exclusively for Gotham students.

About Grammar
Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse

Gotham's Grammar 2: Expertise and Finesse is a fun way to let your fragments stand-alone, to rescue your dangling participles, to mend your tenses, and more.

Merrilee Wineinger

clergy, doctor of ministry student


这不是一个再课程。It’s fine if English is not your first language, but you must speak and write it fluently.

Upcoming Classes

To ensure everyone's good health, students in NYC classes must provide proof of full Covid vaccinations (the initial series of Covid vaccines plus at least one booster). We will accept your Covid vaccine card (or a digital scan), a NY State Excelsior digital card, or another form of government-approved proof. We will contact you before class begins about showing us proof. Masks are encouraged, but not required. We'll provide masks for those who need them.

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  • Saturday Nov. 4 & Saturday Nov. 11
    Zoom, 1pm – 4pm ET
    2-Day Intensive
  • Friday Dec. 1 & Friday Dec. 8
    Zoom, 1pm – 4pm ET
    2-Day Intensive


Registration fee $25, paid once per term



This course gives an overview of the insider insight that make a grammar expert. Course components:
Brief lectures
Writing exercises


The Verb Universe

  • Verbs
  • Verbals—infinitives, participles, gerunds
  • Verbal Problems
  • Parallel Structure
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Dynamic Verbs


  • Tenses—simple, perfect, progressive, perfect progressive
  • Irregular Verbs

Sentence Structure

  • Syntax
  • Fragments
  • Patterns—simple, compound, complex, compound-complex
  • Add-ons

Playing With Punctuation

  • Commas
  • Advanced Commas
  • Dashes, En Dashes, and Hyphens
  • Apostrophes


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